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About this directory

A niche directory (see categories on the left)

Free and reciprocal

There will be no waiting time difference between the submission types.

Difference between reciprocal and free submissions.

Giving a link back lets you submit an inner page of your site. These type of links are getting more and more important for good rankings of your whole site in the search engines. It also gives sites that are not relevant to our niche, but that do have (product) pages that are relevant, the chance to submit their page.

The reciprocal link

"Maybe already now, most certainly in the future, search engines will only give any weight to reciprocal links if they are convinced these links are for the benefit of the visitors of the site, and not just for the search engines."

You might not agree, but this is my opinion and as a result of that opinion I want the reciprocal link to come from the page submitted to this directory.

Consider this

Where ever you place the link, if search engines can find it they will know what is:
a reciprocal link. Placing this link on some link page with lots of other links will tel them this reciprocal linking is only done for the benefit of search engines, to get better rankings, well you won't.
Placing the link on the submitted page is a whole different situation.You are promoting this page, this page is for visitors and so the links on it as well. Two sites relevant to each other, telling their visitors about each other, reciprocal links as they should be.

I believe that linking this way will benefit both of our sites the most.

Adrie Rackers

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