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Submission guidelines

Relevancy, that is the word to remember, if you want to get your site included in this directory. Only sites (or pages ) that are relevant to the subject of this niche directory are likely to be listed

The directory lists sites about :

Games ( On Line games, Games Production etc.)
Movies ( Movie Reviews, Movie Stars, Movie Production etc.)
Music ( Music Genre, Pop Stars, Music Production, Music Lessons, Instruments, etc.)
Downloading of Games Music and Movies (How to Download, Where to Download,etc)
Dangers of Downloading ( Spy Ware - Ad Ware Protection, Legal Issues, etc. )

Site must be in English
We do not list sites that promote hate, violence, racism etc.
No gambling sites.
No adult sites, although some adult content is allowed
For example:
Sites selling adult movies only will not be allowed, sites selling lots of different movies including a category "adult movies" will be allowed, if they meet the other requirements.

Free Submissions

Only the top domain is allowed, if you want to submit an inner page you have to get a reciprocal listing. And remember the keyword to get a listing is : "relevancy"

Submit with reciprocal link

If you give a reciprocal link back to our site, you can submit any page from your site that is relevant to this directory, provided the reciprocal link comes from that page , and not from some link page with no value at all.
Reciprocal links will appear above free listings

If, in our opinion, you change your pages in such a way that they are not relevant anymore to this directory ( for example changing them into a gambling site, dating site, adsense site or changing them in a redirect etc.) your listing will be removed,

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