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Toddler Computer Games - For Starters

by S.Stammberger

There is a huge variety of games for toddlers out there that are easy on their hands, interactive, and very educational while at the same time entertaining. The old games that you use to see being played by parents with their child on their laps are games that you would not be playing now once you see the selection.

When choosing a good toddler computer game, pick one that will be engaging for the child and entertaining also for the adult. Toddler computer games are supposed to be played with the parents as an initial guide that graduates to the child playing the game alone. They must provide both fun to the parent as well as the child. Toddler games must be easy to start, can be paused anytime, it must have colorful graphics without scary and bloody episodes and preferably, should be customizable.

Computer software today is not really that inexpensive. As much as possible, you would not like experimenting with a CD only to find out in the end that what you bought is not appropriate. If you are one of the parents that wants to provided one for your toddler but are not sure how, you can click to any games website. The websites, aside from the games listing, also provide a brief description of a game that might catch your interest.

You can also try shareware or trialware. The advantage is that you can try out first before buying the full version.

Toddler computer game CD's will provide you a glimpse at the graphics and the general theme of the game although in a limited level only. However it will be enough to guide you by trying out a game first before deciding to buy one. There are also free games that are available on the public domain. The toddler computer games here may not be a new version. But oftentimes they are just as good especially when starting to hunt for a toddler computer game CD.

Or you can try the following toddler computer game CD's.

Worlds of Xeen: this is a great game for small children. It is colorful and executed in the style of cartoons. The monsters in it are lovable characters and not in a bit scary. The quests are simple enough for toddlers to understand. Children above years old though may enjoy the game better because it is not customizable even with a hex editor. It also has more complex controls that may not fit the patience of younger preschoolers.

Wizardry Gold - This is also a fighting monster kind of game. The plot may be a little bit complicated but toddlers enjoy opening up chests and moving along countryside in search for the monsters. This toddler computer game like the worlds of Xeen is very kid friendly. No gore and bad language. It is very customizable. Even the stats can be tweaked so the monster will not die.

Siberia - this toddler computer game is a modern graphic adventure. It has an easy plot and puzzles that could be absorbing to little children. There is no violence and skimpy dressing.

Other games you want to try:

The Omega Stone, Mystery of the Mummy, Chemicus, Physicus, Myst, Wizardry 8, Katamari Damacy.

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